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screenshot: Artisan for Hire, Inc.Artisan for Hire, Inc.

When Artisan contacted me to fix some coding issues that they were having with their e-mail newsletters, I had some time left over to come up with a few simple design ideas. The one that coordinated with their website more is the one they decided to use for their regular weekly e-mails and you can see it by clicking on the thumbnail to the right. They decided to use the others for special announcements and you can see those here:

alternate newsletter 1

alternate newsletter 2

screenshot: MediaTec Publishing, Inc.MediaTec Publishing, Inc.

When I took on these e-mail newsletters for MediaTec, they expressed an interest in having e-mails that really popped and stood out from the rest of the marketing messages that might end up in a person's inbox. These e-mails were also designed to coordinate with the brochures and other print items that were being produced for each event. Click on the thumbnail to the right to see the e-mail for their Breakfast Club event or click the links below to see some of the other e-mails I did for them.


Learning Elite

screenshot: Argonne National LaboratoryArgonne National Laboratory

I was contacted by the graphic design team at Argonne to create an intranet site to showcase their various print capabilities. They also requested the use of Dreamweaver templates and documentation so that they could update the site themselves after the project was complete. My goal with the design was to keep it simple so that their pieces would stand out, but also stick to their corporate design standards in order to coordinate with their other intranet websites. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger screen capture.

screenshot: P.I. JaneP.I. Jane

The creators of the P.I. Jane webcomic came to me because they wanted a new look for their site using WordPress and the ComicPress theme. I decided to use more photo-realistic artwork like the folder and the wooden desk background because the contrast made the illustrations stand out more. Click on the image to the right to see a larger screen capture or go to the link below to see the live site.

screenshot: BoatspotterBoatspotter

Boatspotter was a website project at National Marine Manufacturers Association that was in the concept stage when I created this mock-up. Click on the image to the right to see a larger screen capture.

screenshot: National Marine Manufacturers AssociationNational Marine Manufacturers Association

After several years of neglect, I had the opportunity to give this website a much-needed face lift. In addition to creating the new design, I helped plan the site architecture and suggested new features such as RSS. Click on the image to the right to see a larger screen capture from my original design or go to the link below to see the live site created by the development team.

screenshot: National Marine Manufacturers Association (e-mail)National Marine Manufacturers Association (e-mail)

When I redesigned the attendee newsletter templates for NMMA's Boat & Sportshows, I decided to go with a look that tied in with each show's website. There are different color schemes depending on if a show is a boat show, sport show, or sail show and the templates were also created without ticket art at the top for when messages needed to go out but tickets weren't on sale. A version was also created with a row of logos at the bottom for when a show had sponsorships. To see larger screen captures of the various types of templates, click on the image to the right.

screenshot: Northwestern Memorial Physicians GroupNorthwestern Memorial Physicians Group

NMPG had recently redesigned their print materials, so I created e-mail newsletters that went with the branding of the various practice areas. Each template would be going to a different audience, so it was important to keep them all simple so that they would be flexible. To see larger screen captures, click on the image to the right.

screenshot: Discover BoatingDiscover Boating

Discover Boating needed a redesign of their e-mail newsletters that were more eye-catching to increase click-through rates. I came up with a look using photos specific to each type of list and used code that was compatible with a wide variety of e-mail clients. To see larger screen captures, click on the image to the right.

screenshot: uGive NetworkuGive Network

When I was approached to design the uGive Network site, one of the goals was to create a design that could be easily skinned. The site helps organizations fund-raise online, so it was going to use a back-end tool that would allow users to customize their account pages for more branding options. Click on the image to the right to see a larger screen capture or go to the link below to see the live site.

screenshot: uGive Network logouGive Network logo

Since the uGive Network site I was designing was brand new, I was also charged with creating a logo for it. The object was to only use type and to make the letter "U" stand out so that it could be used as a stand-alone brand identifier if necessary.

screenshot: Carved Metal logoCarved Metal logo

The owner of Carved Metal expressed an interest in making a logo out of the symbol he stamps on jewelry and the other metalwork that he produces. A digital version of the symbol wasn't available, so he sent me a drawing of it and the logo was created from that.

screenshot: Northwestern Memorial HospitalNorthwestern Memorial Hospital

NMH had previously used newsletters with a similar header to these, but wanted them updated so that they would be easier to maintain in-house. A template also needed to be created for the Health Learning Center e-mails that had its own style, but with branding similar to the main NMH newsletter. To see larger screen captures, click on the image to the right.

screenshot: Ekelo's business cardsEkelo's business cards

Ekelo is my hairdresser and was sick of his previous business cards, which had scissors on them just like every other hairdresser on the planet. I used artwork with distressed elements to fit his personality, but I also decided to go with a font that had a curl element to it (such as the "k" in Ekelo's name) as a subtle hint to what he does for a living. Click on the image to the right to see larger versions of the front and back.

screenshot: Lost BoysLost Boys

This is a photo project that I contributed to Vassar Magazine's December 2007 issue. I already had two of the pictures from years ago, but liked them so much that I decided to expand on that look and feel. Click on the photo to the right to see the complete project.

Many thanks to my friends who graciously contributed their time to this project: Xander Hirschi, Greg House, Chet Holowicki, David Brown, Joel Ortiz, and Todd Brownlie.

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